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Internet Crusade's voting program is a valuable service to us! We send an excel sheet with the names, emails and amount of weighted vote per Designated REALTOR and Internet Crusade does the rest. The association can monitor the responses and easily email another reminder to vote. Internet Crusade then tabulates the results. I would never go back to the paper mess again!

Terese (Terry) Penza, RCE, CAE. e-Pro
President & Chief Operating Officer
North Shore - Barrington Association of REALTORS

Our Association recently instituted an on-line member survey and our first on-line voting initiative for our Board of Directors. In both instances, Internet Crusade was our "partner" in these endeavors. As one can imagine with any new enterprise, "Murphy's Law" reared its ugly head. Tim Fears, and the staff at Internet Crusade handled each challenge with alacrity. It was a genuine pleasure to work with Tim, and the IC staff, who were always patient, and reacted positively to our every request and modification. We were especially pleased with the on-line voting results, which were more than double any previous turnout.

Vince Bankoski
Vice President Operations
Raleigh Regional Association of REALTORS